Email Scams & Email Hackers

We just went through a training session with one of our customers, this was about four months ago, where all of the employees were educated on this particular type of hack & also an email hack. They would get an email that would come in, they’d click on the link given and it would say you need to change your password. The web page would open up, they’d enter in their current password and then put in what they thought would be their new password. We did this intentionally to see if the training worked. Well, out of 90 employees 12 of them actually clicked on the link and changed their password. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, but in this particular case it shows that people are very short-sighted or very gullible and easily tricked. Now gullibility is a harsh word it’s not really gullible it’s just not what they are used to; not savvy. So, constantly educate your employees, constantly educate your family members and don’t just let anybody come in and change your password for you.

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