Online Shopping and Buying/Selling Securely

People are going out there buying & selling, cars buying & selling furniture, there are yard sale sites that are out there and when you’re doing those types of cash transactions you have to make sure that there’s a little lock so you know that the website is truly encrypted. You need to make sure that you are not clicking necessarily from a link, but you’re going directly to the site so not, cn or something like that. The original website… you find the transaction and you do the transaction that way. When you’re doing that it’s possible that the site your logging into either has a piece of spyware or something attached to it that’s gathering information about that transaction. So, be careful when you’re out there. One thing that I do is I keep a credit card with a low balance on it… not a low balance, but a low limit so a $300 to $500 limit that way if that card is actually hacked, or somebody gathered the information, that’s the limit that’s the most they are going to get. The majority of credit cards are really good about tracking those transactions that happen from overseas. In fact, I got a phone call from my credit card company one time that somebody was trying to buy tickets in China, plane tickets. So, they locked it down I got a new set of cards and everything was good. You have to be careful and not get false sense of security. Even the best security in the world… there’s people that can do what’s called “website spoofing.” They can make an identical website that looks exactly like the one you want to go to and next thing you know you’re giving all your information away.

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