Phone Scams

The easiest way to hack a company and I’ve done this for companies just to show them how easy it was… I have hacked ethically for people.

So, what you do is pick up the phone, you call that company and the person at the front desk picks up, and you say, “Hi this is Pete Avery from Charter Communications and I’ve noticed that you’ve some problems on your line.” “I’m going to call back in about 5 minutes after we make some adjustments just to see how your speed is.” You hang up the phone. Five minutes later you call back. You say, “Hi, this is Pete Avery again… you were anticipating my call, right?” “Okay, I need to log onto your computer.” “Go to this website and click this link.” After you click the link that person can log right onto your computer, see everything you’re doing, put software on your computer and now they have free reign on your network.

So, you have to be very careful. So… those good security experts are going to put some things in place to protect that Users rights on that network. Be very careful out there. In fact, I had a dear friend RR Painting, out for Bay City; who are really good friends with Brady and Lina Richards. Their Mother got a phone call in the middle of the night. They said that they were from Microsoft and they were calling to help remove a virus off of the computer. The lady is a wonderful woman, but she was trusting and she allowed that person, from some call center in some foreign place, to log onto the computer, and actually locked up the computer and when you restart it there was a little sign that popped up that says you have to pay. I think it said $235 to have her computer unlocked. So, they were holding her computer for ransom. I was fortunate enough to come in just as the guy was on the phone trying to convince her to give the money up.

I told him please stop using people then hung up the phone. I was able to unlock it for her without the $235, but after they do something like that you’re going to spend some money, usually, to have that taken care of.

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