Security Tips for Small Businesses

We’ve got about fifteen hundred plus small to mid-sized businesses that we service. We see all sorts of different things like that… there’s some core things that you have to do as a business to protect yourself.

  1. You need to have somebody that’s an expert. An expert in not only cyber security, but how to utilize your technology for your company. From the cyber security aspect they need to know that you have the right firewall in place, that you have it configured properly, that your employees are being managed, and also that not only that the employees are managed & told what not to do on the computer, but they’re educated on how not to be hacked.
  2. Another big thing is doing a risk assessment with your company. So, things like having Wi-Fi available for your guests that come into your business. If you’re a doctor’s office making sure that’s segmented away from what the business, or where the patients’ medical records are, and protecting your patience that way.

What you’re really doing by educating your employees and doing the right things for your company from the cyber security aspect is protecting your customers, making sure your customer’s information is safe; also, your employees. You have personal records there too. Get somebody who understands it and then get a second opinion. So, if your brother’s uncle’s nephew takes care of your network. Bring in a company, it could be Brady’s, it could be any well-known company, but I of course plug Brady’s. Bring a company in just to get a second opinion in how you’re set up. With a Risk assessment we also take a look at how everything’s setup & make sure your backups are happening. In a later show we’ll take about disaster recovery, but backups & security are the biggest two.

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