How Do Business Applications Improve Productivity?

Applications on devices today give an end user the flexibility and the ability to do much more with a piece of equipment than was ever thought in the past. Used to be, if you’ve been in the office industry for a while, a copy machine was a copy machine. That’s what it did. It took this piece of paper and made more copies of that piece of paper. Then we turned it into a printer. When we turned it into a printer, costs came down, things became much more efficient for an end user. You were able to just send those documents directly from you PC to that printer, to that copy machine, and get those documents printed, collated, all those kinds of things.

Then, we had the advent of the smartphone, and that smartphone has all of these different applications on it that you use regularly. Ways to communicate with people, ways to get your information, you want to know what the time is or the weather’s going to be like in a week, you want to get your music, all of those things are apps right on that smartphone. The printer industry basically adopted the same philosophy. There’s a lot that happens with a document. and we can put applications on that devices that make it so you can do all sorts of things with that information. Whether it’s tying back into your billing system, something like QuickBooks, or whether or not you need to have all of the information that you’re scanning be annotated and saved in a particular location, the applications on the device can give you much more capability and make your life a lot easier.

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