What is Pros Elite?

ProsElite is a third-party organization that is comprised of industry experts, and they only authorize one independent dealer in a geographic area. And there is a strenuous amount of work and effort that goes into becoming certified in regards to the ProsElite standards. So what that means is Brady’s business systems is audited regularly, and our service metrics are maintained so that we know exactly what good looks like for our customer.

Things like how much time it should take to respond to a customer, what the first-call efficiency is. So how often do I fix the problem the first time you see me? And all of those things play into what my parts inventory looks like, how many technicians I have, how many devices they’re managing. We don’t just, on an average day, willy-nilly take care of customers. It’s all very precise. We know who’s supposed to be there, when they’re supposed to be there, and how long it should take to maintain or fix a problem.

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