What Product Lines Does Brady’s Offer?

Brady’s product line is vast. We have multiple manufacturers that we use, because we believe that it’s not necessarily the device, but the overall solution that we’re trying to provide for the customer.

If we were only a one line manufacturer, I’d have to tell you that no matter what, this is the device that fits your needs, and sometimes that’s just not the case. Some people may need a much more graphic intensive capable piece of equipment, some people may just need a desktop solution that’s a little bit more cost effective. So by having multiple manufacturers, I’m able to provide that at any given time for a customer.

We carry from very small desktop devices, a little bit above what we call SOHO, or small office home office devices. They’re still commercial grade, which means that they’re serviceable, which means that we put a contract on them, we can take care of them. All the way up to very large production pieces of equipment. And those devices can have all different kinds of functionality associated with them. Different attachments, different accessories that allow you to do all kinds of work once the documents have been copied.

So if you want to staple, you want to hole punch, you want to do annotation, you want to scan those documents, you want to archive them, you want to insert flyers in a particular portion of a document or make a booklet, all that’s capable with the equipment that Brady sells.

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